Marita’s Story

Marita Caley learnt to read the Bible. And before her first year of school, she had already memorised scriptures. Which might explain two things about her: her love for the Word of God and her love for teaching.

As a young woman the scriptures that Marita had “eaten” so hungrily as a little girl turned out to truly prepare her for one of the worst moments of her life. It also lived up to the promise and truth of the Word and became the lamp to her feet and the light to her path (Ps 119:105).

When Marita and a friend was hijacked in front of her home some years ago and stuck in a boot for about four hours, it was the Word within her that enabled her to do spiritual warfare.

“In that situation the Word of God was aroused within my spirit and I was able to declare it in difficult circumstances. I know now that whatever might lie ahead in my life, or in the lives of my children and my husband, I will be able to declare the Word of God and take it back to the Lord and say to Him: ‘Lord, you are not a God that will lie’.”

Trials and tribulations might make the children of God weary, but Marita – tiny as she is – has risen up as a lioness in the kingdom of God and fought back. Her life’s motto is that,  “The promises of God are more real than the facts of this world.” And this knowledge will keep the foundations of her life intact, regardless of what earthquake it might have to endure.

Her life experiences has prepared Marita in a wonderful way to live out her passion: to teach and to preach. “It had brought a deeper conviction within me of His faithfulness, of His goodness. His word is the truth and within it we find all the tools we need for this life.”

It is inevitable that the hi-jacking would have an influence on the topics Marita likes to teach about. She loves to prepare people for warfare and to understand who they are in God. But she also knows that the “basics” should never be neglected.

“We need to be trained in the basic foundations of the Word of God and the importance of that Word. We need to know God as a Person and as our Daddy. That includes inner healing and deliverance and wrong thinking as well as the stuff people drag along throughout their life that wears them down and keeps them from experiencing the fullness of God. We need teaching that will show us that Jesus died for more than eternal life and getting us into heaven. He died so that we can have a full and abundant life. “

And a full and abundant life is exactly what Marita Caley is living.